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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She's just so pretty

She wears her lovely inside on the outside.



  1. Proud mama lion and adorable little cub! :)

  2. Indeed she does!!

    I haven't told you that one day earlier in the week I watched her wear her earmuffs inside her classroom for a couple of hours. You could tell that she was so proud. Every once in a while it looked like the teachers or children would mention them to her and she would touch them and smile as if to say "I know. Aren't they GREAT and they're MINE!"

  3. She IS gorgeous. And I totally love your line : She wears her lovely inside on the outside. What a beautiful way to put it!

  4. I love that, too- the last line- so, so true! Sweet Ariam!

  5. Ariam linda!!! Pablo asks when is she visiting again...


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