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Monday, November 7, 2011


Talk about loss of momentum. I didn't realize how hard it would be to get back to blogging after neglecting it so long.


This past spring, when it was cold and white here in our next-to-the-mountains city, I sat in my bed and scribbled out an email fantasy to three amazing mothers of three little Ethiopians (and 3 equally lovely non-Ethiopian!)

At the end of August, the dream that started in a chain of giddy emails almost 6 months earlier, finally came true over five picture-perfect days in Santa Fe.

Taki, Noemi, Kenenisa and Ariam.

Floating in the swimming pool on our last morning I was struck by how Taki, previously this tiny, fragile baby, hurt so deeply by life in an orphanage, has turned into a fearless, pool jumping, splashing, happy boy. Noemi, previously gripped by anxiety has blossomed into a funny, brave, open, loving little girl. Kenenisa, who couldn't breath and almost died in Ethiopia, now our chilled out, ukulele rockin,  nature loving sweet little man.

And my sweet Ariam. Who received the boys and their mommies as visitors in Ethiopia while waiting for us to come for her. So patient. So even tempered and open to life. My sweet Ariam who chose to ride like a queen on her floating seat through the pool but who got brave and ultimately jumped in. She who always chooses love and life and laughter. It was amazing for me to see these four together. The way they each fit with their mommy. The way they accept each other.
Each one magnified in beauty by the presence of the others.



  1. YEAH! We DO each fit perfectly with our little one, eh? Loved the trip--so glad to be part of the crew!

  2. Ariam is beautiful. They all are!
    Amy x

  3. So glad to have this blog to look at again! I enjoy all the stories - even the tear jerkers. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, inside & out. Can't wait for more stories. Korana's mom, Fran


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