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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello, are you still there?

I want to blog. I really really do. I miss all of you.

But the momentum is lost. I got a new computer and none of my photos are here. How can I blog without access to photos? But who has time to transfer photos from one computer to another? Actually, I should probably do that. Or do something to store them/back them up.

What do you do with your important photos besides transferring them via thumb drive every time you get a new computer?

For now here are some blogger bullet points I want to expand on as soon as this pesky photo problem is dealt with:

- Ariam and I spent a week in Santa Fe with her baby friends from Ethiopia, their moms, and her fairy godmother, Morgan. It was an epic reunion. The cuteness was hard to handle. See why I need photos to blog about this??

- We got a puppy!!!!!!!

- Baby #2 - in the works. Sadly not as easy as just getting pregnant and popping out a baby 9 months later. So of course I need to overshare and vent here.

- Ariam is growing up, complete with multiple sentences, a passion for all things babies and mothering, her own sense of art and style, and mad dance class skills.

- I went to London for work but also got to spend time with Claudia!

See?? I need my photos. What should I do?



  1. Take your old machine and new one to a computer shop and have them transfer them. It may take a day or a couple hours depending on they're backlog. While you're at it- take mine too. I needed to do this in April...

    wait- huh... did you say #2!!!!! WEEEE HOOOO

  2. keep blogging, i miss your posts!

  3. Glad to see you back! Pictures of puppy, please!

  4. I have an external hard drive on which I back up my pics. When I got a new laptop I just plugged it into the new one and transferred everything over. Took an hour or so but it was painless (and I have a copy of everything in case the unthinkable happens).

  5. A puppy, baby number 2 and whole Ariam sentences. Fabulous! Can't wait to hear more, Sandra xx

  6. I was excited to see you post-sounds like life is very full!

  7. Whoo hoo - glad to see you back. And you simply must keep blogging. It would be cruel to leave us with just those snippets now that we know your home is filled with adorable Ariam and puppy moments, not to mention baby II on the horizon.

  8. You are back at it!
    We also have an external hard drive that we use to backup our photos. The recent toddler spilling OJ all over the laptop incident reminded us it had been too long!

  9. I'm such a paranoid freak about losing my photos I put each photo file on 2 different computers then back it all up on an external hard drive that is kept in a fire proof box. That's also my motivation for uploading pics to my blog or to fb- so if I ever lose my actual files then at least they're out there on the web and I wouldn't have lost everything. I'm good at imagining the worst case scenario with the hope that being prepared for it will keep it from really happening. :)

  10. I don't think you need pictures to post about baby #2!!!! Start with that! :~D

  11. We use an external hard drive for back up, as well as upload all our photos to an online host (losing work from my husband's job because our external hard drive is lost in a fire? Acceptable. Losing photos because said hard drive is lost in a fire? Not acceptable.) My husband just sets it up to transfer before we go to bed, and it's done in the morning! Easy peasy.

    Not sure what platform you are running, but any machine using Windows will easy import all your content from your old computer. I also did that when I got a new laptop... I forget how we did it, but I'm sure a quick google search would give you the answers. Didn't take long (again, set it up at bedtime, done by morning.)

  12. Congratulations about #2! Looking forward to hearing the venting and oversharing. ;-)


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