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Monday, April 25, 2011

The girls went to Florida

and life in Colorado will never be the same for Ariam now that she knows about boats and beaches.

Nightly ride on Auntie Glori and Uncle Ken's boat.

 Explaining the workings of the canal to Aya.

Over-enjoying the front seat. (Nobody else was allowed to join her!) Paparazzi was allowed to sit on the prow just below her highness.

 Regular rules, like no sitting on the table, thrown out the window (so as to avoid the tantrums - see posts below.)

My aunt Glori. We've always looked a bit alike!

Jumping over the waves. I swear there were waves. And I swear she was an eager participant.

Lots of fun had in Florida on a way too short trip. On our last morning, before driving to the airport, Ariam woke up and asked "Beach?" When I told her we had to go home she looked so dejected and said "awww duhn beach, awwwww duuuuuhhhn." It's been a theme every morning since, poor girl. Her first experience with the thrill of a vacation and the pain of its ending.



  1. What a fun vacation. There's nothing quite like a little sand and sun to give you a new perspective on life! Glad to know that our little gal has been introduced to the "good life"!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun! Wow-I think you and your aunt look more than a little bit alike! :)

  3. Just glad you're back where you're supposed to be and that I get to see you tomorrow!! Looks like a really fun trip!

  4. Ahhhhh--she'll never be the same now that she has put her toes in salty sand...

    Just today Noemi told me, "I ready to go to da beach." I hear ya baby, I hear ya.

    So glad you had a fun and warm time!

  5. We took our girls to Florida over Spring Break and they are ruined for life. It's been almost a month and they still ask every morning if it's time to go back.

    Looks like Ariam had a great time though! What a fun trip!

  6. Just wanted to pop over to your blog and thank you for the comment on mine. It is always so refreshing to find another person out there that seems to really understand the slant you're coming from. It's especially important in the adoption world since there are so few people out there that have the shared experience to REALLY get it. Glad we found each other's blogs.

    By the way, if Ariam really starts demanding another beachside vacation, there's some gorgeous ones out here in Ventura. The water's a little colder than in Florida, but my kiddos don't seem to mind.

  7. A quote from Ellie: "That is Ariam's mom? That is your friend? It can't be. She looks like a teenager!!!!!!!!!"

    HA! Long email in the works to u. Keep getting interrupted. Putting a plan together for this summer involving sand and water....

  8. Oh wow, that looks FUN! Makes me wish I was at the beach. MMMMMM, beach. Great pics.

  9. Rach - Ellie is my new best friend.
    I'm so excited to get our summer plans worked out. Write me!


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