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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hair Practice Gone Bad

 This is Sheila. She's pretty. If a bit vacuous.

I borrowed Sheila from my hair stylist to practice cornrows. Don't let the photos fool you, she has at least 10 bazillion times more hair than Ariam.

Once Ariam and I got our hands on Sheila's hair we were dismayed to find that it was a. real human hair b. really dry damaged human hair c. human hair that was rapidly soaking up our expensive products d. impossible to detangle real ADULT human hair.

It was far beyond my rookie skills. And it sort of ooked me out as it shed all over my bathroom.
Let me clarify here - any shedding of any stranger-human anything in my bathroom would ook me out.

As Sheila's hair began shedding pounds of real creepy human hair all over my product covered fingers and clogged the sink drain, Ariam and I lost our enthusiasm for the project.

But not our enthusiasm for admiring ourselves in the mirror, 

or enjoying a dining room chair in the bathroom!


PS. Remains to be seen if I will tackle Sheila on my own sometime before returning her. I think washing and trying to detangle was a huge mistake.


  1. Oh, I have the heeby-geebys just reading this. This is both hilarious and absolutely disgusting at the same time. I have serious personal issues with stranger strays. My worst nightmare is finding hair on a hotel towel *cue gag reflex* Yeah--I just spit up a little in my mouth thinking about it. High five to you for being so committed to the cause of learning how to braid...I just may fall short on this one. :)

  2. Julie - it really was one of the grossest sensations ever to have her hair all over my hands and sink. Ewww. I kept wondering if the hair was from a dead person. Totally irrational I know! I tried not to let Ariam catch the ooky feelings but neither of us were into this project AT ALL. So - may be back to practicing on Barbie hair and other less real products. Clearly I was not cut out to be a hair dresser!!!!! Good to know.

  3. Oh my--I just went back and read your "attachment" post now--looks like a I missed a number of your posts! I've been working through some, er, um, personal things regarding my not-so-stellar relationship with my mum, so I've been distracted. That's what spurred my ICK post. I had no clue there was a run of attachment posts flying around! I'll have to check them out!

  4. Golly, gosh...I go out of town for a week and so much has happened. How can it be? Sounds like you've gotten some great advice/suggestions on the "melt-downs" and I'm in hopes that things have calmed down somewhat. As for the hair situation...might be easier to find a hairdresser who you can keep on retainer :) With great advice like that maybe I should go back on vacation, huh? :) XOXOXO

  5. okay, so I saw the title and then the first picture only... now imagine what conclusions I drew :)

    Poor, decapitated person. Surely she wasn't screaming THAT much during braiding to deserve that treatment?

  6. that would totally eek me out! stranger hair= way gross! Way to go being so dedicated though.

    I admit... that's the one thing that frightens me about possibly adopting a little girl this time around: How the heck am I going to find the time to a) learn b) actually do "hair" on a regular basis. Aaak!

  7. I so appreciate your sharing your story so honestly on this blog. Whether you know it or not, it’s been an inspiration to follow your journey. So, I’ve nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can pick up your prize badge from my blog; then keep the nomination train rolling by honoring those blogs that have touched your heart. Blessings!

  8. That is gross. Really. Mannequins (or mannequin heads) are sort of inherently ooky anyway. Let alone ones that are shedding.

    I love the idea of practicing corn rows on a mannequin though.Too bad it didn't work out.

  9. p.s. how is it that I've never been to your blog before? we have many of the same bloggy friends....
    Well, I'm here now! :)

  10. LOL!!! That is so gross! Great idea btw...but who knew it would turn out so icky. I really want to learn how to do cornrows. Macy will have to keep letting me practice on her. :)

    P.S. I was SO hoping to meet you in L.A.! Please please please come to the next event.


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