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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Closest Thing to a Baby

is our new English Springer Spaniel puppy.

He's not so new to us anymore since he has been in the family since just after Labor Day. But I'd like to officially introduce him here. So, without further ado, AUGUSTUS IGNATIUS Puppus Pantilus.

We mostly refer to him as just Mr. Auggie Pants.

Augustus was the ruler who ushered in the Pax Romana, or the Roman Peace and he was declared a god by the Roman senate.

We've watched closely for any deity-like behavior, but so far Auggie's enjoyment of licking his personal parts has assured us that we are dealing with a mere mortal dog.

Ariam and Talay were not on board with the puppy plan. J was only marginally on board. I'd have to admit to leading this charge into puppy parenthood. But now that August has settled in, we have found him to be a very good addition.

He is five months old now and surprisingly calm, cheery, and relaxed. Talay does not deign to engage his playful antics in her spaces like the living room, hallway, kitchen, dining room, car, etc. But she has been playing nicely with him in the yard and in the newly carpeted basement family room. I don't think she's ever going to cuddle the way he would like to, but she is very obviously happy to have a canine companion again.

August and Ariam have developed a love hate relationship. He loves her and she hates him. Except for when she loves him. (She's fickle.)

Their relationship got off to a poor start when, on his first week home, she raced through the house bare bummed and screaming. Well, that little brown bum racing through the living room looked...juicy? I guess. And August's 3 month old self could not resist leaping up and nibbling it.

Seriously though they are doing pretty well now. It's been a bonding issue for Ariam and Talay (bonding over shared annoyance) but overall Ariam is a cool customer with the puppy and demonstrates a lot of calm assertive behavior ala M.ilan and the dog whi.sperer.

I adore this puppy. He has been a great gift. It's always very hard to tell what you'll get with a puppy but we knew that it would be hard to go wrong with another well bred English Springer Spaniel. They tend towards loyal, happy, kid-friendly, companions.

Sometimes, when August is lounging on his back in the bed (only when J isn't home, shhhh) I look at him and see Cassidy. There's definitely a bit of her in him and I could not have asked for more than that.



  1. Congrats on the new arrival! Looks like a lot of fun along with adjusting to a new family constellation.

  2. Holy cuteness! Wow, he's gorgeous! From the pics, he seems to love Ariam, too :-)

  3. Oh my goodnes....that face of his is absolutely delicious. Weird, I know, but delicious is what comes to mind. I love dogs....and puppies are just the combination of all things wonderful in my mind- 2nd only to babies of course. love.


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