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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Bride

~ A


  1. I know that there must be a story behind this fun outfit. What is it? Practice run for Kenenisa? :)

  2. Too funny Jackie! Maybe she should wear it when they first meet - just a subtle reminder of their betrothal. Actually it is a valentine's day outfit someone gave her from church. The "veil" on her head is a poufy polka dot skirt. She pulled it off at naptime and was working it onto her head. (I may have helped her "shape it" a little into this adorable pose.) :)

  3. So sweet, your girlie. :)

    Yes--I do think A & N's hair is very similar. I went through the gamut of products--Carol's Daughter and such--wore out the generosity of Sephora for free samples. But the products never seemed to do it for Noemi. All of the expensive natural products seemed to make her hair really tangled/nearly impossible to comb out at the end of the week, causing breakage. Grrrrrrr......

    Honestly the thing that I have found to work best for Noemi is olive oil. I still use the CD tui oil weekly after washings on her scalp, but have been using forbidden Sally's products. Silk Effects olive oil shampoo and conditioners leave her hair soft like seaweed and I can comb through it in a snap (well--kinda). I keep a rinse out conditioner treatment in as a leave-in and that really helps her hair stay soft. I spray her hair daily (at least) with diluted olive oil to bring back her bounce/spring. The only product that causes a little bit of crunch is the twist and lock gel that I sometimes use to help set a style like Bantu Knots.

    I've heard great things about Kinky Kurly, but haven't tried them yet. What do you think of them for A? I have heard a lot of folks find the pricier "natural" products leave hair dull/crunchy. Sometimes I wonder if it is all just a marketing ploy. Even the natural stylist I saw said what I was using was fine.

    The best money I have spent on hair products: The $10 Tangle Teezer. I use it after I comb out her hair and it gets the fine knots out and the shed hair--beautifully, no tears at all!

    What have you come up with at this point? A certainly always looks adorable!


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