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Sunday, March 30, 2014

What is possible?

I used to talk about family preservation, reunification and keeping children out of orphanages at conferences.

Then we lived 2013.

Now I am thinking more about the actual how-to. Specifically in Haiti. The how-to is a lot harder than the talk, the policy or the advocacy. Especially when foreigners are allowed in to do whatever they want with little to no supervision. Too many people are drawn to children because they are powerless and vulnerable.

I have been watching the movement to family reunification and domestic adoption in Uganda. There are many groups working hard to change the momentum and paradigm from orphanages and international adoption to preservation, reunification and domestic adoption in Uganda.

Could the same be possible for Haiti? What would it take to create that movement?

If you know of any organizations doing excellent work in this area, in Haiti, could you please link in the comments? 



  1. Children of The Promise in Cap has done a lot with family reunification. They do process adoptions but when I was there a handful of years ago they were awesome about encouraging parents to come see the kids, remaining in contact, and encouraging them to take the kids back home. They also worked hard to make sure as much as possible was run by Haitians. I had a fantastic experience working with them.

  2. Rescue One is an awesome ministry working to keep families together and stepping in to serve vulnerable children before families are faced with making decisions that lead to restavek or abandonment.


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