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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Thank you for your prayers last Friday. We all felt them!
I know that a lot of loving friends and family are hoping for details but we have agreed that we will not respond to any inquiries about mediation.

Project Hopeful has just sent us our final total, which after the donation made back to PH and Paypal fees came to $8,253.05.

Here's how your donations are being used:

$5,000 to reproduce our dossier (already spent!)

$1,000 for expedited passport (we hope this is all it will cost but we'll see)

$2,253 for my relocation to Haiti in July (and for the final cost of our visa, etc.)

We thank you so much for all that you have given. The fundraising is now closed. Project Hopeful has SO MANY families in need. For example, our good friends the Boultons are adopting a beautiful little boy with Down Syndrome. Please consider giving to them or to the other families on the waiting family page.



  1. Strength to you! Jen

    1. Relocation to Haiti? Is Ariam going with you?

      On another subject, Mike & I going to be traveling through Denver early afternoon Sunday, 6/30 on our way to spend the night with some friends in Longmont, CO. Are you going to be in town? Would love it if we could meet you somewhere and hug on each other. If it's lousy timing for you, we get it. We can just catch you another time.


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