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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day In The Life: Tuesday May 17, 2011

Our day began at 4:30am.
Cries from the room next door.
Only Daddy would do. And so I got to drift in and out of poor early morning sleep. 
At 5:30am the Buttercup (also known as the Doodle also known as Ariam) was deposited in bed with me and we managed to doze, with the aid of the coveted (but supposedly banned) bottle of warm milk, for two more hours.

Lots of yawning. Apparently too bright for bare eyes.
We don't speak a lot in the morning. Ariam and I like to greet the morning quietly.

This is our morning conversation:
Me: "Let's get in the high chair."
A: "Eggies."
Me: "Ok, I'll make eggies. Drink some orange juice."

Stimulating huh?
Sometimes we turn on quiet radio. If I remember I drink a cup of Zen tea.

I feed the dogs.

The clock rolls over to 8:00am.

Ariam and I work on finishing her meds and her hair routine. Both accomplished with a little help from E.lmo or Yo Ga.bba Ga.bba. (Love that portable DVD player!)

I critically assess how dry Ariam's hair has become. We love Daddy dearly. But leaving him in charge of hair for four days while I traveled did not produce good results.

  I fly through our normal hair routine: soak with water/spray bottle, use fingers to spread Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in from roots to tips (finger detangling), detangle with more detail using wide tooth comb. Add a style (today two flat twists into two puffs) and use Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey to add some finger coils for definition.

The dishes begin to procreate like bunnies. Soon they have taken over the sink and counter.
The dishes and I have a come to Jesus moment.
I win. Dishes remain dirty.

This special corner of the couch calls softly and sweetly.
I curl up to quickly check email and order a slew of Darcy's Botanicals hair products for Ariam.

9:00 - 10:00am
The Doodle and I ready ourselves. It isn't pretty. There is chasing, squealing, cajoling, lost shoes, misplaced barrettes, several diaper changes, and pounding on the shower door as I try to take the world's fastest shower.
Somehow we end up strapped into the car. Finally.

With the early morning over, Ariam and I become much nicer versions of ourselves. We sing Indigo Girls and Sara Groves loudly until the peanut gallery begins requesting a twinkle twinkle duet.

We discuss big trucks, red trucks, cars, airplanes, and helicopters on the drive to the mall.
Ari reminds me at regular intervals that she wants to EAT.

We arrive at the mall and EAT immediately!

We share Ariam's favorite combo: beans, avocado, rice, and fish mash. Ariam feels very strongly about cutlery but only as an accessory.

We shop. Ariam rides in an expensive green cart she begged for. After five minutes she demands to be let out and alternates between wanting to be carried and running wild and free. The cart, however, is very useful for lugging drinks, bags and the giant camera I'm hauling through the mall...

The mall trip was supposed to be lunch, play, and the return of a $7 pack of batteries.
Ice cream is proffered as a peace offering. Ariam forgives me the lengthy mall wandering.


Naptime part one takes place in the car. Naptime the sequel in the nursery.

The dishes. They are still there. Now growing tentacles.
I order a pair of jeans online and avoid eye contact.

We are running late for immunizations.
Ariam is in a delightful mood. She sings "the doctor the doctor" and chows on grapes and cheese in the backseat. We are only 15 minutes late. I consider it a tremendous success.

We are in. We play with babies. We get shots. There are tears and accusatory looks. But she's still standing.

Arrive home and Daddy is there!! Doing the dishes!!!!

Ariam takes the opportunity to share her sorrow with Daddy regarding the injustice of a lovely trip to the doctor ruined by long scary needles. She cries sorrowfully into his shoulder. I miss the photo because every time I approach with the camera she flails and increases 100% in volume. Daddy is properly sympathetic.

I catch one photo of post-sob play. Note the huge lingering tear.

Freak rain storm. I put desperately dehydrated plants out to catch a few drops. J and A run garbage to the alley. Fascinating stuff huh?

Starving toddler syndrome + giant foot "owie" (it was her first spliner!) join forces to produce this....

Food is produced post-haste.

A state of the union is held regarding what has (or hasn't) been found in Ariam's diaper over the last 24 hours. Conclusion? A fruit "smoobie" is needed for improved digestive comfort.

It is the best smoobie ever.

With a vastly improved mood, Ariam joined us for dinner on the front porch. It was lovely.

Ariam becomes a dancing frog.


Bath. Lotion. Books. Cuteness.


The Dishes. They're back.

First wake up from the Doodle. She's angry - telling us all about the owie where she got her shots this afternoon. Ib.uprofen is doled out liberally along with a soothing warm water bottle. (Weren't we banning bottles from the crib?)

I am eyeing the suitcase of gifts packed for friends in Ethiopia. There is a brownie mix calling my name....



  1. Oh! My! So much adorableness. I know the crying pics are much better for those of who missed the live sound effects. But aaaaaw!!

  2. I always love these posts! And seriously, Ariam is just the cutest!

  3. That's a really nice day... I love seeing the inside of your house and I'm really envious of your quiet starts - none of my 3 work that way.

  4. My Blogamigas hipped me to you and I wanted to say hey. But getting an intimate look at your day like this makes me feel like we're old friends.

    And I feel you on the avoidance of the dishes. Just how does one go about getting the Daddy to not avoid them too?

  5. Ms. Fricknfrack - not fair! Your blogger profile doesn't show your blog site. Now I will have to dig for details from blogamigas. Good thing I know who they are!

    Daddy does the dishes because Mommy cleans the toilet. Daddy does the laundry because Mommy changes bedsheets, and folds things, and cooks nice dinners. All about the trade off. :)

  6. Best sentence I have ever read in a blog post:
    "Ariam becomes a dancing frog"

    This made me smile all the way through. I MUST do one myself someday soon!

  7. I can just imagine J while you follow your day around with a camera. So cute. I wish Ady would eat like that! Will have to pull the blender out, I think she would gobble smoothies up in a heartbeat!

  8. Dishes with tentacles and growing appendages are my fav. We're big fans of them here in our house. D and I play rock-paper-scissors to see who is stuck with the job.

    As always, your girl has some serious cuteness power!

  9. Love it! Thanks for sharing... And we miss you all. Abrazos y Besos de pablo y camilo.

  10. This is hilarious. The dishes, the State of the Union.....too, too funny.

  11. This made me smile on multiple occasions- one being the utensils being a necessary part of life, but not for eating. Another one? The daddy love. Makes my boy melt into a puddle of butter.

    Bridget said your sweet girl is almost Sol's age... maybe 6 months different or less? Shoot, I can't recall. Anyway. Ariam's facial expressions reminded me of my wee one several times....


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