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Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Christmas vs. This Christmas

I passed Christmas Eve 2009 lying in bed, in pajamas, from dawn until dusk, reading adoption and infertility blogs. After reading two years of posts from one specific blog I wrote a comment that went something like "Thank you. I've just spent Christmas Eve with you/your blog archive. I'm so sad, can't get out of bed, etc etc." That must have REALLY made the author's holiday merry and bright. (By the way I didn't know her at all.)

This Christmas Eve there was no time for pajamas and blogs and wallowing in self-pity.
This Christmas Eve there was a tiny striped sweater dress filled by a tiny excited girl who couldn't stop jumping on the chair and laughing.

There were candles, carols and cookies at church.

And potato crab soup for dinner.

There were grandparents with gifts.

Fresh owl pajamas. And a complex play kitchen to assemble.

It went by too quickly. I would have liked to make it last until midnight. But there is only so much you can ask of an 18 month old. After dinner we could only get through a very rapid round of Away in a Manger and the fastest version of the Night Before Christmas ever read before someone had to be packed off to bed.

The next morning Ariam received far more presents than she currently knows what to do with. Most are packed back into her closet for future boring afternoons. Two talking/moving babies, a baby stroller, and a gigantic play kitchen topped her favorites list. (She took her mothering/cooking job very seriously as you can see from the photo below. J says we set the feminist movement back at least a hundred years.)

Daddy received a grill. Ariam was very helpful.

Last year my baby was spending her last days of 2009...somewhere else. Not with our family. Not yet in Addis Ababa. I wonder who else is thinking of her this week.
(Notice her eyeing the kitchen set? She couldn't be bothered to smile for a group pic.)


  1. I can TOTALLY relate. This was the best Christmas ever! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Love reading this- i am in your phase of Christmas 2009- so love to read what my future will be!!!

  3. Amazing the difference a year can make -- in your life and hers. I must be hungry because I can't stop thinking about the potato crab soup! How did A do with all of the activity? Anything new on the attachment front? Have u found any mutually "fun" things to do??? I have another week home with the kids off from school -- need ideas!

  4. I am so happy your precious Ari is bringing so much joy to your life. What an awesome Christmas. Love her little kitchen.

  5. Boy, a year (and one accutely precious little girl) can surely make a diffence! I loved looking at the pics. Oh, and thanks so much for the Christmas card. Put a smile on my face, for sure!

  6. Toy kitchen envy. Still. lol. So happy for your very happy Christmas!

  7. wow. big difference! So glad that you've finally got the delightful miss a with you. What a difference a year makes.

  8. I am so happy for you. Your comment did make me wonder about you off and on for a year. I was so glad you came back and let me know you were ok. We also had our happiest Christmas ever this year!

    I thought sometimes I should close my blog and start a new one, but for good or bad I am leaving it just the way it is. You are welcome there anytime.

    Your daughter is lovely.


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